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NAPLAN Demostration Tests

These demonstration tests are not tailored tests. Demonstration tests do not include branching between testlets or branching messages. In NAPLAN Online tests, branching messages (PDF 1.56 mb) between testlets advise students whether they may go back to previous testlets to change their answers, or not. This will not affect their branching but will affect their final score.

The demonstration tests will work with many devices and browsers but not all. Before starting, check if your device or browser meets the minimum technical requirements to ensure the tests function and display as intended.

The links below take you to demonstration tests for conventions of language (grammar, punctuation, and spelling), numeracy, reading and writing for each NAPLAN test year level: 3, 5, 7 and 9. As all Year 3 students will complete the writing test on paper, there is no Year 3 demonstration test for writing.

NAPLAN Online Practice

NAPLAN focused tests are available for Reading, Language Conventions and Numeracy.


Students will be required to use the NAPLAN test player locked down browser or App to perform the test. All devices (tablet, PC or Mac) used for student tests must have the locked down browser or App installed. To install the browser for your selected platform(s):

1) Go to the Online National Assessment Platform Home page at 

2) In the Tools and resources section in the middle of the home page, click on the Locked down browser link. This will take you to the Locked down browser page 

3) Navigate to the middle of the page and download the appropriate browser(s). 

NAP Website

Visit the NAP Website to download the browser, get information such as device issues, user guides and information regarding the use of BYO devices.

NAP App for iPad

Download the NAP Locked Down Browser from iTunes